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Astar appliance repair Denver save us time and effort every day. Like anything else, appliances do break down once in a while and most consumers are best served by calling on a trained professional to quickly diagnose and repair their broken appliance. That’s where we come in! Our staff of professionals is available around the clock to respond to your call and get your appliance back in working order as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We offer same day service in the Denver metro area and surrounding cities and towns. We offer full-service repairs for all appliances including heating systems, air conditioners, stoves, ovens (gas and electric), washers, dryers (gas and electric), dishwashers and refrigerators.

You never have to worry about calling us out to your home after hours, on weekends or on holidays. We do not charge extra to come out for service calls during those times. We know how important it is to have appliances working when you need them. Who needs a broken oven on Thanksgiving or a malfunctioning air conditioner during a heat wave?

Our staff of professionally-trained service technicians are trained to provide fast, efficient service which will have your appliances back in working order in the least amount of time possible. You’ll never be overcharged, in fact, we guarantee the lowest cost for your repair. That’s backed up by our low price guarantee.

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Contact us by telephone or e-mail at; . Please remember to include your name, telephone number and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing in your e-mail message. When we receive your e-mail we will contact you for further details and schedule a service call that’s convenient for you.

We repair all appliance brands and models so give us a call from anywhere in the Denver area and we’ll be happy to solve your appliance repair problems, making sure we fix it right the first time!






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The following tips will help you keep your major appliances working as efficiently as possible. This will save you money on your utility bills and also help extend the life of your appliances. Please note that this information is not provided for consumers to use for making repairs on their appliances. Working on any electrical device or appliance could be dangerous and result in serious injury or death. Repairs should be performed only by professionally-trained service personnel who have the necessary training and service equipment to make repairs safely.

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* Never use any electrical appliance or device when you are wet or exposed to water.

* Avoid coming into contact with other electrical devices when you are already using another.

* Be sure to shut off all electrical devices before unplugging them from the wall socket.

* When unplugging any electrical cord from a wall socket always be sure to grasp the plug itself and not pull on the wire. Pulling on the wire could cause it to become disconnected from the plug, creating a potentially dangerous situation with live electrical wires exposed.

* Avoid placing wires on or near anything that produces heat such as hot water pipes, radiators and other types of heaters.

* Do not let any portion of an electrical cord come into contact with water or be placed on wet surfaces.

Safety begins with education so please make sure everyone in your household is aware of these tips.

Saving energy benefits everyone, so please use your appliances wisely. This will save you money and also reduce the burden that our energy use places on the environment. Much of the energy produced today is still reliant on non-renewable resources, making conservation more important than ever. Reducing our energy consumption will give us more time to develop new sources of energy that are more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

Saving energy doesn’t have to be difficult or inconvenient. It can be as easy as waiting a while longer for the dishwasher to fill up before running it, installing thermostats with automatic timers, remembering to shut off lights when they are not needed and having your heating system serviced on a regular basis. Saving energy in your own home might not seem like it will make much of a difference when looking at the big picture, but working together, millions of consumers can have a dramatic effect on energy consumption.

In addition to having regularly scheduled preventive maintenance done on your heating system, the installation of extra insulation can also reduce your energy use significantly. For homes that are not properly insulated, this is an investment that can pay big dividends in the long run, including the added comfort of more warmth in the winter and less heat during summer. Making sure your home is properly insulated will also add resale value to your home and also give potential buyers the additional incentive that comes from knowing that the home is energy efficient and will save them money.

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